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Costs, Dates, & Deadlines


Tuition and Fees ONLY: 

Full Time Enrollment (F-1 visa holders): tuition and fees ONLY; 4 classes per day; 20 hours per week.

Fall or Spring (16 weeks)Summer (8 weeks)Summer June Only (4 weeks)

Part Time Enrollment (Available for U.S. Residents, or other qualified visa holders): tuition and fees ONLY.

# of ClassesFall or Spring (16 weeks)Summer (8 weeks)Summer June Only (4 weeks)
1 Class$1,200$725$365
2 Classes$2,400$1,375$690
3 Classes$2,850$1,950$975


SemesterStart and End Dates
Spring 2017January 16th - May 13th
Summer 2017 IJune 5th - June 30th
Summer 2017 IIJune 5th – July 29th
Fall 2017August 21st – December 16th
Spring 2018January 15th - May 12th

Fund required for applicants seeking an F-1 visa

Description of ExpensesFull Year 12 monthsAcademic Year (Fall and Spring semesters)Fall or Spring Semester (4 months)Summer Session (8 weeks)Summer Session (4 weeks)
Tuition and Fees$10,200$7,600$3,800$2,600$1,300
Room and Board$9,750$7,800$3,900$1,950$975
Total Financial Guarantee$24,390$18,860$9,430$5,530$2,905

Deadlines to Apply

Fall: July 15thSpring: December 1stSummer: April 30th