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Emergency Contact

In the event of an emergency in your home, or outside of school please contact the Albuquerque Police Department or the Emergency Police. If you are on campus and need police assistance for anything call Campus Police. In the event of any emergency (immigration or health) please contact CELAC as soon as possible. First call the CELAC phone number and if no one answers your call, then call the GEO phone number. In the event of an emergency during weekends or after hours, as well as during holidays please contact the GEO after Hours & Holidays Emergency number.

  • UNM Emergency Notification System: Register by going to
  • Emergency situation during weekends, evenings, or holidays: Call (505) 277-4436 Ask for CELAC contact!
  • Life threatening situation call Albuquerque Police:  911 
  • Non-threatening off Campus:  (505) 242-2677
  • For other situations call Campus Police:  (505) 277- 2241
    • Campus Police offer: escort Service (to car or bus stop); robbery; lost & found; harassment or other non-emergency situations