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International students on Aug 21


August 27, 2018

Message from the Director


Dear CELAC Students:

Welcome to the Center for English Language and American Culture! For those of you who are joining us as new students this year, you have made a great decision to join our intensive English program and to improve your academic English skills! And for all of our returning students, we welcome you back and are sure your progress from last semester will pay off as you continue this spring semester! 

Your studies at CELAC will help you as a future student in a degree program at the university and ultimately during your professional careers back at home or abroad as English continues to be a major world language. CELAC is committed to supporting you each step of the way in your efforts. We have an exciting semester prepared for you including challenging and engaging classes as well as many outside activities and cultural excursions.

When you are not busy in class, I would like to encourage you to join activities around the UNM campus. There is a variety of clubs and recreational activities with low or no cost that will help you meet other UNM students and give you a chance to practice your English in an authentic setting. Find something of interest to you and take a chance!

Two special notes:
•    This year CELAC will have its 40th Anniversary Celebration (1978-2018). We will have a special  celebration for CELAC students, alumni, and members of the community on September 19. For more information, please contact our Manager of Student Services, Ms. Jacqueline Paul.

•    CELAC is launching its first ever Community English course called the CELAC Community and Academic English Course. The course runs from October 15 to December 7 during the evenings or on Saturday mornings. If you are interested in enrolling for the course, please contact Ms. Jacqueline Paul as well. Please spread the word to your friends and family members!

Once again, thank you very much for choosing CELAC at UNM for your academic English study. We look forward to a great semester with you. And remember, #youarewelcomehere


Dr. Paul Edmunds, Director of CELAC