Admission Process

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Step 1

 The applicant fills out the online CELAC application and uploads all the required documents.

Step 2

CELAC staff reviews the application and evaluates the applicant's documents.
IF NEEDED: CELAC staff emails the prospective student to submit further documents or answer questions to complete his/her application.

Step 3

Once the full application has been received and approved, the applicant is entered into UNM and US State Department databases. Processing takes an average of 1-2 weeks.

Step 4

After the applicant's information is processed, CELAC staff will email the admitted student a copy of his/her CELAC acceptance letter and I-20 form.

Step 5

The applicant schedules his/her student visa interview and pays the SEVIS fee. Please visit the Visa Process site for more information on how to apply for your visa.